wine tasting, 2.4.16


name – dynamite

variety – sauvignon blanc

region – lake country, california

country – united states

year – 2012

price – $13

critic review – melon, green apple, and citrus flavors are lively and refreshing, with a spicy, floral nuance.

my review – this wine smelled of pear, vanilla, and flowers.  it had a sharp finish that made your mouth pucker.



name – be. bright

variety – pinot grigio

region – california

country – united states

year – 2013

price – $10

critic review – this effortless pinot grigio keeps things light, with sun-ripened citrus flavors and a crisp, fresh finish.  an instant taste of optimism, perfect for setting a carefree mood at any occasion.  serve chilled for total deliciousness.

my review – this pinot grigio had intense smells of citrus and grapefruit, almost to the point of smelling so strongly that it brought to mind the taste of sourness.  it tasted of sour apple and had a licorice finish.



name – yellowtail

variety – cabernet melot

region – australia

country – australia

year – 2014

price – $10

critic review – a classic blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon.  medium-bodied and very approachable with soft tannins.  fruit-forward flavors of plum, cherry, and blackberry are accented by notes of spice with more juicy berries on the finish.

my review – smells of cherry, blackberry, black current, and apricot.  the taste was reminiscent of more sweet flavors, including strawberries and fruit jams, before a tobacco finish.



name – beringer

variety – smooth red blend

region – california

country – united states

year – 2012

price – $15

critic review – a blend of syrah, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and petite syrah.  without a doubt, very smooth and uniquely balanced.  not too dry, but not too sweet.  has a foundation of raspberry and blackberry that lingers in the finish.  a slight hint at vanilla and some spice when it touches your tongue.

my review – this smelled of blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, and toasted wood.  the taste was reminiscent of the sweetness of dried fruits, like golden raisins, and was full of a strong spice palette.



name – yellowtail

variety – red moscato bubbles (non vintage)

region – australia

country – australia

year – n/a

price – $10

critic review – with a gorgeous deep pink hue, this is a wine that offers scrumptious aromas of lifted tropical fruits, ripe fresh strawberries with black current and raspberry texture.  its flavor is a vibrant moscato, with fresh forest fruits and strawberries and a nice dose of sweetness.

my review – the smell and taste of this bubbly moscato were similar; the palette included strawberries, the sweetness of honey, and fruit jams.  it brought to mind a freshly baked cobbler, full of summer fruits.


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