wine tasting, 1.28.16


name – la lejania

variety – sauvignon blanc

region – central valley

country – chile

year – 2012

price – $10

critic review – a light, refreshing, balanced sparkling wine with fruit flavors and aromas of citrus, pear, and peaches, followed by a nuance of spice.  enjoy this sparkling wine as an aperitif or with salads and spicy dishes, especially those using citrus fruit.  for dessert, this wine pairs well with fresh berries or a fruit tart.

my review – this wine spelled like grapefruit and lemon; the taste reminded me of peach with a slightly sour and crisp finish.  i did not pair it with food.



name – rosemount

variety – chardonnay

region – south australia

country – australia

year – 2013

price – $10

critic review – this wine has a peachy scent and smooth texture; it’s a little perfume-y for us, but far from the worst chardonnay you can get for under $10 at your local liquor store.  It tastes as if the peach puree has already been added, so put this to use in your fruit-filled sangria.

my review – i found this chardonnay to be very crisp, as if it had been fermented in metal casks in place of wooden casks.  the taste faintly reminded me of honeydew melon and apricots. it was not my favorite chardonnay, as i prefer a buttery finish.  i did not pair it with food.



name – purple paws

variety – cabernet sauvignon (non-vintage)

region – lodi, california

country – america

year – 2012

price – $15

critic review – the 2012 lodi cabernet has all the classic notes of a california cabernet sauvignon.  cloves, olives, and oak with a no nonsense, fruit forward finish reminding you why it is the heaviest wine in the purple paws line, lends itself to pairings of robust steaks or lamb.

my review – i quite enjoyed this cab; its richness and dark color immediately drew my attention.  its spicy finish kept my attention.  it would absolutely need to be paired with a heavy meal, to cut through its acidity.  i did not pair it with food.



name – purple paws

variety – zinfandel

region – lodi, california

country – america

year – 2012

price – $15

critic review – purple paws zinfandel 2012 exhibits hints of cherry on the front of your palate and vanilla on the finish.  it pairs well with good friends and barbecue.

my review – this wine had, in my opinion, the smoothest finish of the five that were included in the tasting.  it was light and fruity, with a taste alluding to summertime and sunshine because of the cherry and vanilla hints.  i did not pair it with food.


Butterfly Kiss Moscato Chile 2012 10% 750ml

name – butterfly kiss

variety – moscato

region – valley central

country – chile

year – 2012

price – $13

critic review – lovely and bright, this moscato dances with aromas of honeydew and apricot, gently kissed by orange blossom, candied pineapple, and a hint of lime zest.  the palate is silky and lush, combining rich stone fruit and fresh melon flavors lifted by a vibrant zing of lemon-lime, which extends across the mouthwatering finish.  pair with spicy Asian foods or grilled prawns.

my review – as someone who prefers the driest red wines available, this moscato tasted like sugary juice to me.  however, the fruitiness of it was delicious, hinting at the crisp flavors of summertime fruits such as melons, citrus, and tree fruits like peaches.  i did not pair it with food.


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