wine & dine

in a family of non-drinkers, being a huge fan of wine can be difficult.  whether your favorite bedtime routine is to drink a gallon of a dry red, you keep an uncorked bottle on your nightstand for a midnight sip, or you spend 75% of your income in the wine section of kroger – be my friend.  if you live in wine country, let me visit.  if you go for a tasting or flight, invite me along.  the only thing i need for a happy lifetime is an endless supply of cheese boards and dry reds.

thus far, my experience with wine has included tastings in virginia, ohio, and tuscany.  last summer, an internship with a florentine travel company allowed me to frequently visit the great chianti wine country.  when it becomes part of your job to go to wine tastings with american study abroad students, wine wins an even greater portion of your heart than it previously held. 

my original preference with wine was for sweet whites, as i believe many people’s tastes begin.  now, i cannot drink a sweet wine without comparing it to drinking sugar water or juice.  i slowly transitioned from sweet whites to the driest of the dry reds.  i love a full bodied dry red, paired with a sharp white cheddar or a pecorino romano.  i hope to develop a more accurate vocabulary of words to describe the smells and tastes of wines throughout the semester. 



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