cheese pairing, 3.15.16


1. name – ruffino lumina pinot grigio delle venezie

region – veneto

country – italy

year – 2014

price – $9

critic review –  on the palate, this wine is medium bodied, fragrant, and elegant, showing a marvelous freshness and balanced roundness.  a mineral touch completes a long-lasting finish, with notes of lemon and sage.  fresh and enjoyable, this pinot grigio is made from grapes grown in the high-profile regions on veneto and friuli.  showing flavors of citrus and green apple, this wine is dry in style and is medium-bodied with juicy acidity.  excellent with seafood.

smells – grapefruit, slight sweetness of honey or melon, acidity, citrus
first tasting – sour apple, buttery, citrus, lingering finish


cheese paired – sharfe maxx
tasting after cheese – grapefruit, almost grape/apple, more smooth, faint peach finish




2. name – arquero sauvignon blanc

region – la mancha

country – ispain

year – 2015

price – $5

critic review – pale lemon yellow and aromas of tropical fruits and spice.  fresh and crisp flavors of green apple, kiwi fruit, and nectarine.  excellent balance of fruit and acidity.

smells – peach, flowers, great bouquet, mango, cherry blossom
first tasting – sour apple, grapefruit, astringent aftertaste

cheese paired – sharp cheddar
tasting after cheese – sour apple, astringent, didn’t overpower wine at all





3. name – lindeman’s bin 65 chardonnay

region – hunter valley, south australia

country – australia

year – 2015

price – $5

critic review – lindeman’s bin 65 chardonnay features aromas of fruit salad, peach, fig, rockmelon, and toasty oak; it’s medium bodied with a fresh, crisp finish.  wonderful on its own or with seafood dishes.

smells – grass, ocean air, cigar box, slight sweetness reminiscent of peach, seafood
first tasting – fizziness, lingering aftertaste, smoke, smells like something went bad/rotted

cheese paired – pecorino with truffle
tasting after cheese – hate the cheese, brings out the rotten aspect, lingering astringency overpowers other tastes