cheese pairing, 2.27.16



name – rocco felice nebbiolo d’alba

maker – famiglia lanzavecchia

region – serralunga d’alba, piedmont

country – italy

year – 2013

price – $17

critic review – the abundance of dark fruit cascades over the palate with wonderful crispness and nuances of smoke and licorice appear on the marvelous finish.  this is an absolutely delicious wine.  intense: blackberry, smoke, medium-bodied

smells – blackberry, oak, toasted almond, pepper, spice palette

first tasting – cherry, strong mid-palette, high acidity, not strong bodied, beets, astringent


cheese paired – aged white cheddar

tasting after cheese – berry, nuttiness, oak, tobacco



name – casa sant’orsola barbera d’asti

maker – fratelli martini secondo luigi

region – coaano belbo, piedmont

country – italy

year – 2013

price – $10

critic review – when young it has a rich, fruit, vinous aroma that evolves in time into an intense, ethereal, persistent, clear fragrance.  excellent body, good acidity, warm, intense, and harmonious.  fresh, cherry, fruity, light-bodied

smells – blackberry, black currant, licorice

first tasting – strawberry, raspberry, pepper, leather


cheese paired – piave

tasting after cheese – cherry, astringent, slight sourness



name – monte degli angeli sangiovese

region – puglia, sicily

country – italy

year – 2013

price – $10

critic review – made from 100% sangiovese in puglia, this has lots of black cherry and a hint of black raspberry and balsamic.  a great match for pizza, grilled meats, and hearty cheese.

smells – cat pee, cherry brandy, cigar smoke, lacquer, eucalyptus

first tasting – berries, tobacco


cheese paired – parmesan reggiano

tasting after cheese – cigarette smoke


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