wine tasting, 4/21/16


name –  santola
varietal – vinho verde loureiro and pederna

region – vinho verde

country – portugal

year – non vintage

price – $8

critic review – soft and creamy although with just the right vinho verde bite, this is a crisp and clean wine, boasting light pear and pink grapefruit flavors.  off dry and very fresh.

my review – this wine smelled of grape juice and lemons.  it tasted of citrus and was a unique sensation on the tongue of fizzy-ness sans carbonation.



name –  terranoble
varietal – chardonnay

region – central valley

country – chile

year – 2014

price – $9

critic review – this chardonnay offers a wine with an attractive color and lovely aromas, such as ripe pear and pineapple, mixed with butter and vanilla notes.  it is a fresh style of white wine, with medium persistence in mouth.  ideal as an aperitif.

my review – this wine smelled of oranges and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  it tasted of grapefruit, orange juice, and the aftertaste was reminiscent of pineapple juice.



name –  terranoble
varietal – cabernet sauvignon

region – central valley

country – chile

year – 2013

price – $9

critic review – this cabernet sauvignon offers an intense and deep color and lovely aromas of red fruit, pepper, and tobacco.  it has smooth tannins, very freshness and rich fruit, which gives the wine a good balance.  pair with barbecued beef ribs, grilled sea bass, or spaghetti alla bolognese.

my review – this wine smelled of plums and dark berries.  it tasted of cherries, spices, and pepper.



name –  oasis del cuyo
varietal – malbec

region – mendoza

country – argentina

year – non vintage

price – $12

critic review – deep ruby color.  appealing red fruit nose with hints of tobacco.  medium bodied with a smooth and lush mouth-feel.  finishes with lasting flavors.  excellent choice for a young and fruity everyday wine.  enjoy as an aperitif or with meats and pasta dishes.

my review – this wine smelled of preserved fruits and dirt.  it tasted like a sweet jam and the finish reminded me of italian house wines.



name –  gelisi antonio
varietal – sangue di guida

region – sangue

country – italy

year – 2015

price – $13

critic review – a blend of 60% croatina, 30% barbera, and 10% uva rarathe wine shows candied black raspberry and plum fruit mixes with balsamic and coca powder accents in this frizzante red, with light tannins, a creamy mousse, and enough acidity for balance.

my review – this wine smelled of raspberry preserves, grape juice, and blueberries.  it tasted of sweetened fruit, similar to canned pie filling.