wine tasting, 3.31.16


name – bricco dei tati
varietal – cortese

region – piedmont

country – italy

year – 2013

price – $10

critic review – great value!  treat this terrific little white like a red: don’t chill it too much, then let it open for a half-hour to develop its enticing tropical fruit flavors.  it’s dry, but the fruit gives an appealing illusion of sweetness.  great as an aperitif or with light seafood dishes.

my review – this wine smelled of citrus, especially grapefruit, as i think most whites do.  it also had a hint of melon and some sort of greenness, perhaps vanilla.  it tasted of orange juice, with the bitterness of citrus.



name – dom de la foret
varietal – grenache cinsault rose de mediterranee

region – provence

country – france

year – n/a

price – $13

critic review – a stony, pure style, with a warm paving stone note framing the dried cherry and rose water notes.  the long, watermelon rind – inflected finish is finely tuned.  shows length and cut, staying lacy in feel.  50% cinsault and 50% grenache.

my review – this wine smelled of rose petals, honey, peaches, and melon.  it tasted like cherries and clove, but was very difficult to describe.



name – siema vino rosso
varietal – dolcetto, barbera, nebbiolo

region – piedmont

country – italy

year – n/a

price – $10

critic review – intense ruby red with soft garnet nuances in the glass, the rosso is intriguingly fresh, fruity, and spicy on the nose.  perfectly round and balanced, the wine is particularly soft and dry.  pair with simple dishes like fresh cheese, ham, salami, or pizza for a divine culinary experience.

my review – this wine smelled of blackberry, fruit jam, and black cherries.  it tasted smoky, with a raspberry and licorice aftertaste.



name – carraia
varietal – aglianico

region – campagna

country – italy

year – 2013

price – $15

critic review – produced in the campania region of italy, this aglianco has delicious black fruit flavors with hints of licorice, volcanic soil, and tar notes.  classic in nature, yet in a lighter, more crowd-pleasing style, the carraia is made of the ancient aglianico grape.  this black grape originated in greece and is today widely grown in basilicata and campania.

my review – this wine smelled of plums, cherry blossoms, and dirt.  it tasted of cherries, with a combination of prunes and raisins.



name – beringer
varietal – chenin blanc

region – california

country – america

year – 2014

price – $6

critic review – a fresh green apple aroma and vivid citrus and crisp apple flavors are supported by vibrant acidity in this medium-bodied wine.  the texture is smooth but crisp, making lots of good food pairings come to mind, from pre-meal cheese, to salads, seafood and veggie pastas.

my review – this wine smelled so strongly of cat pee.  it had notes of peach and honey sweetness as well.  it tasted like melon, honey, peaches, and apricots.