wine tasting, 3.17.16


name – aveleda praia

variety – vinho verde

region – vinho verde

country – portugal

year – 2013

price – $10

critic review – a blend of 40% arinto, 30% loureiro, 20% trajadura, and 10% azal.  full of fruit, a lasting peach flavor targeted with laserlike acidity through the finish.  it has the bite of salty ocean air and a lot of zing.  for langoustines.

my review – this wine smelled of grapefruit and citrus, as i think all white wines do.  it tasted of lemon peel and citrus, with a heavy dose of sour green apple.



name – tenuta le velette

variety – orvieto classico

region – orvieto

country – italy

year – 2011

price – $18

critic review – the berganorio orvieto is a subtle wine with a bright palate.  it shows white flowers on the nose and light citrus notes in the mouth.  its neutral character means it can accompany a wide range of foods.  a blend of 30% trebbiano, 30% grechetto, 20% malvasia, 15% verdello, and 5% drupeggio.  the estate has 103 hectares on the hill opposite the hill town of orvieto.

my review – this wine smelled of peaches and the sweetness of honey.  it was surprisingly bitter with a lasting citrus finish.



name – bolla magnum

region – bardolino

country – italy

year – 2013

price – $18

critic review – a blend of 60% corvina, 30% rondinella, 10% molinara, this bright ruby red wine has hints of black cherry on the nose.  it is soft and fruit-forward, with black fruit flavors followed by a bright and fresh finish.  serve it as the italians do – young and lightly chilled.  pairs perfectly with fleshy fish, beef, lamb, red-sauced pastas, and pizzas.

my review – this wine smelled of cocoa, forest floor, and coffee especially.  it tasted mainly of raspberries and blackberries, with a hint of dark chocolate.


IMG_4818 (1)

name – castello sonnino

region – chianti

country – italy

year – 2015

price – $15

critic review – a blend of sangiovese, canaiolo, trbbiano, and malvasia del chianti.  rich and modern, with a dark, satured color and aromas of graham cracker and lemon rind.  a juicy palate packed with plum and raspberry is carried by a creamy texture that’s rather toasty in terms of flavor.  the finish is round, full, and chocolaty.

my review – this wine smelled of blackberries, with heavy doses of acidity and astringency.  it tasted of cranberries, with a strong mid palette, and a bitter start and finish.



name – peter mertes

varietal – sweet red dornfelder

region – rheinhessen

country – germany

year – 2014

price – $12

critic review – the trademark german red grape varietal dornfelder has a lovely purity of soft red berry fruit.  integrated soft tannins combined with forward fruit flavors make for a perfectly balanced everyday sipping wine.  great with grilled red meat, sausage, and chicken.  best served lightly chilled.

my review – this wine smelled of black cherries, chocolate, raspberries, and the sweetness of strawberries.  it tasted very similar to its smell, with strong, sweet cherry and strawberry components.