bucket list.

there are so many amazing places in the world.  the longer i live, the more things i see, the longer my bucket list grows.  i think i’ll have to work ten jobs simultaneously for about fifty years before i can afford all of these trips…


watch the balloons during sunrise in cappadocia, turkey



skydive over the swiss alps


learn about my heritage in scotland


hike haiku stairs in hawaii


climb the sydney harbor bridge


swim in the krka national park waterfalls


explore the european christmas markets


get back to oktoberfest


see the northern lights in reykjavik


work in amsterdam


hop between the greek islands

if i’m lucky, i’ll be able to do half of these before i die




i’m always dreaming about one italian city or another.  perhaps that’s because i’ve spent my life admiring and learning about architecture, art, and the greats of the past.  when i walk down a street to see the galleria dell’accademia, orient myself by the orange-ish hue of the duomo, or casually stroll past storefronts for every italian designer i’ve heard of but can’t afford, it brings me a warmth and joy unparalleled to that which i’ve experienced in america thus far.  these breath taking moments exist on every street of every city in italy.  something continually reveals itself as the most fantastic sight i’ve seen that day.


america has its own architectural beauties and natural phenomena which are wonderful and awe-inspiring.  but there’s something about the italian way of life and daily routine that has captured my heart – and it doesn’t seem like it will be letting go any time soon.  the only remedy is for my wanderlust to be followed, to the streets of milan and wherever else my passport and bank account will allow.

parisian persuasion.

as graduation looms ever closer, i can’t help but find my mind drifting more towards its wanderlusting tendencies.  i feel i would be settling to accept an offer in the states, as i have dreamed for years of traveling overseas to work when i finished at university.  but now that it is more reality than a dream, now that i have the chance to actually move across the world to start a new life, i find it more difficult than i ever imagined.


if anyone knows of an employer seeking a young and enthusiastic planner/photography enthusiast, let me know.

stormy scotland.

what a way to travel back in time – with the gothic influence on the gorgeous medieval, romanesque architecture of edinburgh.  i normally prefer sunny weather for vacations, but this gem would easily make the top five on my list of favorite cities if it’s as beautiful in person as it is in pictures.

(all images are sourced from my scotland pinterest board.  i do not own any images.)

irish inspiration.

the gorgeous countryside of ireland, as well as scenes of dublin, make this the next destination of my list of places to travel!  ideally, i’ll be moving here in three short months *hint hint employers*

(all images are sourced from my ireland pinterest board. i do not own any images.)

plus, who doesn’t love a little colin farrell?