so, i’m getting ready to move across the world and start working in sales and marketing as a tour guide for FlorenceForFun, a travel company that caters to college study abroad students, and i couldn’t be more excited.  i mean of course, i have the typical “am i going to be any good at this?” and “holy shit, i’m growing up” jitters; but i also know that this is the right move for me at this point in my life. it’s what i want for now and it’s where i want to be, plus i have no ties to anyone or anything in the states. i don’t think i’ll ever stop worrying or being surprised that i’m growing up – because are any of us ever really ready to take every responsibility onto our own shoulders? and i’m absolutely more worried that i won’t be good at it right away because i’m missing the most crucial point of the sales season as a result of problems getting my visa. the worst part is that i have to watch on facebook as my roommates / coworkers are befriending all the students upon their arrival – and securing their sales for the semester – which means there will be less students available to buy trips from me when i finally arrive in florence.

so if you know any students studying in or near florence, italy this year – tell them, beg them, bribe them to use my promo code (SAMANTHA) at i’ll love you forever. and if you want to see travel pictures from around the world, you can follow my travel account on instagram – @samimay7

here are some pictures i’ve taken over the years of the gorgeous city i’ll soon call home once again – hopefully they entice you to help me with sales *fingers crossed*


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