sophisticated southern charm.

some snippets of my ideal loft – sophistication, neutral palettes, metallic touches, and all inclusions of black & white.


stormy scotland.

what a way to travel back in time – with the gothic influence on the gorgeous medieval, romanesque architecture of edinburgh.  i normally prefer sunny weather for vacations, but this gem would easily make the top five on my list of favorite cities if it’s as beautiful in person as it is in pictures.

(all images are sourced from my scotland pinterest board.  i do not own any images.)

irish inspiration.

the gorgeous countryside of ireland, as well as scenes of dublin, make this the next destination of my list of places to travel!  ideally, i’ll be moving here in three short months *hint hint employers*

(all images are sourced from my ireland pinterest board. i do not own any images.)

plus, who doesn’t love a little colin farrell?